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PostSubject: StarCraft ||   Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:22 pm

Oh yes nest.
I pre orderd starcraft 2 and it should be here at any time. The terran campaign is first and ill have to buy the zerg and protoss campaigns(ewww who would buy protoss campaign? Mad )
im going to really enjoy the way things are supposed to look with the game I just hope it instals on my comp Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: StarCraft ||   Fri Sep 10, 2010 7:33 pm

Decent game so far, never played the original, but a friend encouraged me to play this one, and i have enjoyed it. Everything in this game is well done, as most Blizzard products seem to be. Only problem is that I've never been great at this type of stragegy game.
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PostSubject: Re: StarCraft ||   Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:21 pm

I used to play the Command and Conquer series from Westwood Studies starting with the very first C&C. My mom and I had computers connected through a LAN in our house and my friends and I would play until the wee hours of the morning. Starcraft was another one of our favourites, though admittedly I didn't care for it as much as C&C. Those were the days.
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PostSubject: Re: StarCraft ||   Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:19 am

I know what you mean paper, I was a tiberium sun junkie myself Very Happy
C&C makes great games all around, and blizzard is just as good imo, loved the original starcraft.

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PostSubject: Re: StarCraft ||   

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StarCraft ||
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