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 The Adventures of Tixxy Savage Chapter 1

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Tixxy Savage
Wall Beast

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PostSubject: The Adventures of Tixxy Savage Chapter 1   Thu Aug 23, 2012 4:38 am

The sun cut through the fog of Burthorpe, the dull roars of the trolls from the night before having subsided completely. Tixxy was buried nose deep in a book discussing the History of a city named Varrock, a town so distant, she'd never likely visit. She loved Burthorpe, she truly did, but she'd always had an unexplainable urge to go out and explore. She sighed and returned to reading about the lineage of yet another boring king, this time Roald. Just like everyone else in Burthorpe, she'd never leave. She looked over at her father, sitting at his desk, quill scribbling away at some document or other. She was never really sure what he did, always sitting behind that wooden barricade while strange men and women from all over came to him. He gave them the papers that he toiled with all day, and occasionally sold them strange items. Perhaps he was a merchant of some sort? She wondered if he'd ever wanted to explore like herself, or if he was content with a boring, simple life.

Just as she was reading about the King's most peculiar wife, a man stormed into her father's shop. He was adorned in a strange crimson armor, made of small chain links, with a large sword strapped to his back. He drew his arm back and threw an object as hard as he could at her father, Tixxy's eyes widening in shock. Her father's free hand snapped up and snatched the object out of the air between two fingers, his eyes never leaving the document he was working on. Tixxy saw that it was a clothespin, and before she could question, the man's voice boomed, "Turael, your gear doesn't work! I want a better task and my money back. Now."

Turael didn't even look up at the man, "The clink of your armor tells me that you know nothing of your current task... boy. The tool wasn't what failed, the empty space between your ears did. Here, you want a new task, but do not come back asking for a new one, for it will fall on deaf ears. Also, no refunds, but I'll hold onto this since you gave it to me so kindly." With that, Turael flicked the clothespin in a high arc, landing in a crate on a high shelf, clattering amongst clones of itself.

Tixxy watched her father hand the man a piece of paper, followed by an exasperated sigh. "I'm going to need an ice chest for this aren't I?" Turael smiled up at the man, "You're lucky, I only have one left until my next shipment comes in. It's a little bigger than normal, but I'm sure that's fine for a young buck like yourself." Her father pulled open the trapdoor to the basement, and disappeared inside for a bit. When he returned, he was carrying a massive crate that was painted blue, and looked as if it could hold a small troll in it. He handed it over to the man, who nearly dropped it to the floor from its weight. He grimaced as he struggled out of the shop, leaving a small pouch of coins on her father's desk.

Curious as always, Tixxy got up from her studies, "Dah, I'm going to go stretch my legs for a bit." He smiled at her, "Just be careful little chipmunk, the trolls have been particularly aggressive lately. I don't know what I'd do if they hurt you."
She smiled back, and lightly bound out the door, looking around for the strange man in the red armor. She saw him still struggling with the crate, and the paper her father had given him was sticking out of his pack, slightly crumpled. She began following the man, trying to act like a girl that was simply daydreaming on a stroll. As she neared him, she watched him pitch forward, slamming the crate into the ground, cursing about Turael and something about a desert. She took this opportunity to snatch the paper from the man's pack, the crinkle of the paper drowned out by the man's labored breathing. Tucking it out of sight, Tixxy moved past with a simple good day. Once out of sight, she began scanning the paper that caused the man so much annoyance.

Slayer Master: Turael
Assignment: 45 Desert Lizards
Location: Kharidian Desert
Recommendation: Ice prevents use of rapid regeneration.

The desert lizard population has grown beyond what the local Pollnivneach slayers cauPn handle. The lizards are wreaking havoc upon the rest of the local wild life, and if not culled, will drive many species into near extinction. Egg laying season is fast approaching, so the larger mothers are the preferred targets.

Her father was a Slayer Master? What did that even mean? He seemed to be in charge of these people, and the job sounded fairly important. She stuffed the paper into her pocket, and made her way back to their home. She strode through the door, to find her father's desk empty. Questioningly, "Dah? You home?" Hearing nothing in reply, she moved behind his desk, and looked at the stack of papers he constantly toiled over. The very top one was blotted with ink and only a few words were visible. "Hands, Burthorpe, Cave near Hot Springs."

She knew the hot springs nearby well, and decided that she was going to figure out just what it was her father did. She quickly grabbed a lantern and some flint and tinder from a shelf, and made her way toward the springs. This early in the day the springs were empty of people enjoying the soothing waters. Tixxy didn't know of a cave here though, and after several minutes of searching, was about to give up on it. She kicked a rock in frustration, watching it bounce down the craggy slide. It hit the bottom with a hollow sounding thud. Head cocked to the side, Tixxy began slowly making her way down the mountain side. Upon reaching the bottom, she went to investigate the sound when her entire world lurched. Arms out, trying to steady herself, her stomach dropped, as her feet found themselves standing on empty air.

Tixxy fell several feet, landing in a groaning heap in a cave lit only by the hole she fell through. Her lantern was busted, her flint and tinder lost, her body aching, as she began looking around herself. She saw nothing but darkness, but after getting her breathing under control, she could hear shuffling sounds from the black. She stood up, trying to focus on the sounds, her breath held in fear and anticipation. Fog from above began to seep through the hole in the cave, dimming the little light coming through, her eyes beginning to fully adjust to their surroundings. She strained to see further, when the shuffling sounds all came to a complete and total silence. Moments ached by, each longer than the last.

Soon Tixxy relaxed, closing her eyes, attempting to calm her thudding heart. She opened her eyes, just as a hand closed over her mouth, stifling the scream that could have been. Tixxy fell backwards, her eyes shooting down to see a rotted, blue-green-grey hand holding her, connected to nothing, moving of its own accord. She moved to bring her hands up, to rip the abomination from her face, only to find her wrists being held down by more hands. Soon, they were covering her entire body, preventing all movement, leaving only her eyes uncovered. One hand, much larger than the rest, nearly the size of a donkey hovered over her face. The palm split open, revealing row upon row of razor sharp teeth. Lower and lower toward her face the mouth moved, teeth gnashing, a foul odor of rotten meat radiating from within.

Tixxy tried to fight harder, her muscles straining, and she refused to close her eyes in fear. If she was going to die, she wasn't going to fall like a scared little goblin before a troll. Tixxy heard a chuckle, radiate throughout the cave, a lighthearted sound, followed by the word, "Easy."

The creature atop Tixxy flinched, screeching in pain, an instant before it burst into black flames. Heat radiated all around Tixxy, burning the other hands to ash instantly, but leaving her unscathed. The inferno roared, sounding more like a gigantic beast than the crackle of a fire, lasting many moments. Tixxy sat up quickly, just catching a glimpse of two black flames, which seemed to take on the shape of a dragon's head, recognized from the drawings in her books, before snuffing themselves out. There was a feminine "Tah" followed by the quietest of taps, as a woman jumped down from the hole, landing just in front of Tixxy with a grace that defied possibility. She was a most peculiar sight, her hair long and flaxen, dressed in foreign garb of a tight fitting top and skirt, light blue in hue, a deep crimson bow in hand. But the thing that drew Tixxy's gaze were the strange woman's ears. Furry, and sitting atop her head, they reminded Tixxy of a squirrel, which seemed oddly fitting for the stranger.

"Why hello there daughter of Turael. What a coincidence that he assigns me these right before you need saving. I swear, that man knows everything going on."

"You know my Dah?"

"Know him? He gave me my first assignment when I was just a budding Slayer, back when you were only as high as my knee. You probably don't remember me, it's been what... fifteen years or so? The name's Barca. Now let's get you out---"

Once more the shuffling could be heard, as the largest of the hand creatures crawled into the lit area. Barca went to pull an arrow from her quiver, but stopped and smiled. She reached into her pack and pulled dagger made of steel, and offered it to Tixxy. "Let's see if there's slayer blood in you. Nothing really special about these, just stay away from the teeth and stab til it stops moving."

Tixxy hesitantly looked from the woman's kind face, down to the dagger in her hand, and back. She was expected to fight this creature? She'd never fought anything in her life. She gingerly took hold of the dagger's hilt, and found it to be oddly familiar feeling. It was similar in feel to that odd trowel her father forced her to use in the garden behind their home. There were better tools to use, but he'd always insisted she used that one. Tixxy now wondered if he'd been training her without her realizing it. The creature was still crawling toward them, and Tixxy turned to face it, She remembered the feeling of all those hands holding her down, making her feel powerless, and never wanted to feel that again. The creature reared back, fingers the size of her legs stretching out toward her, screeching loudly. Tixxy mustered up her hatred for that weakness, that powerlessness, and roared back at the creature. She rushed at the giant hand, stabbing at the creature as she'd done for years into the rocky soil of Burthorpe. Her left shoulder crashed into the palm of the creature, her blade sinking deep into the fetid skin, as the two barreled backwards. Tixxy fell atop the creature, and began stabbing fervently, instinctively, until the screeching stopped, and the only sound was her breath coming in ragged gasps. She knelt there atop the fallen monster's body, covered in ick and muck, as the woman named Barca spoke, "Savage, just like your mother. Now let's get you back before your father comes and berates me."

"You knew my mom?"

"Your mother isn't dead. She's a slayer, just like your father, and she's a Savage. As are you Tixxy. Big boots to fill, but blood like yours always pulls through. Let's get out of here. You can keep the dagger, I used it on my first slaying too."
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Agile Darth
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tixxy Savage Chapter 1   Thu Aug 23, 2012 4:47 am

Best story ever@@@@@@@!!!!!!@@@@@@@!!!!!!@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile
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Cave Horror

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tixxy Savage Chapter 1   Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:37 pm

Jk, I thought it was pretty good.
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Ganodermic Beast
Ganodermic Beast

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tixxy Savage Chapter 1   Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:54 pm

Really nice story, looking forward to the next part!


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Tixxy Savage
Wall Beast

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tixxy Savage Chapter 1   Sat Sep 01, 2012 11:09 am

Her faded blue eyes gazed through tears up at her lover, whose right arm was raised high, heavy club in hand. The normally soft earthen hued eyes were replaced with a pulsating blue aura, cold, soulless. As the club began to fall toward her, the last thought that went through Barca's mind was excruciating.

'How could she pick that power over me? She's my D.S.K..."

Barca's eyes snapped open, escaping the painful memory, only to see a new one being born.

Tixxy's amethyst eyes were tinged with crimson as she screamed into the roaring face of her father. "My mother is alive and you never told me?! How dare you keep that from me! What kind of person does that?!"

"Do NOT talk to me like that! You are but a child! I was protecting you, do not treat me like a babe, you know nothing."

"From what?! Monsters, danger, travel? We live in a town that has been at war with monsters all my life. You lived that life, my mother lived that... wait what did you just say?"

In a bare whisper, "From your mother."

Turael sighed, defeated, "She didn't want to be a mother, women from her tribe are not like other women. She couldn't stop being a slayer to take care of you, she'll never stop. 'The Savage Tribe knows no mothers.' That was the last thing she said as she limped out that door, mere minutes after your birth. The moment I heard that strong cry leave your lungs, I gave up the life of being a slayer, to raise you, to keep you safe. I gave up everything I knew, so that you could have a father. Your mother didn't even name you, didn't look at you or hold you when you were born. She cut the cord and left. I don't even know if she's still alive, but Savage women do not die easily. What I do know is she left us, both of us that day, and all I have left, is you."

Tixxy's anger subsided at this admission of his, and the tears began to flow. She moved in and hugged her father tight, tears escaping the both of them. "You may be a Savage woman, but you are still my daughter. True Savages don't cry."

"I'm sorry Dah."

"It's okay darling, it's all okay."

Tixxy let go of her father, and looked him in the eyes, her own brimming with determination and ferocity. "I'm sorry because I'm leaving Dah. I have to find her."

She moved past him, leaving him stunned and immobile, and she made her way up to her room. She grabbed her leather knapsack, and began stuffing in anything she thought she would need, clothing, her bedroll, the blade that Barca had given her. She grabbed her coin purse, a bit dismayed at how light it was, and began trudging down the stairs, and toward the front door, where Barca was waiting.

"Tixxy, wait."

Turael's daughter stopped, and her father began sifting through her pack, and she felt it get heavier, him tutting and mumbling to himself about supplies.

"I'm not going to try to stop you, you can't change a Savage woman's mind. Just... remember everything I've taught you. Stay safe my daughter, and if you find her, do not bring her back. I will kill her if you do." He turned to Barca, giving her a glare, "I suppose you are to thank for bringing all of this to light. I'm guessing you haven't found Darth yet?" The pained look in Barca's eyes, and her deafening silence, "I thought so. If you're still looking for her, I heard a rumor that her... group of friends, are doing something big in Varrock. Take care of my daughter Barca, or there will be nothing in this world that will stop me from killing you."

Tixxy took a step toward the door, and stopped. She turned suddenly, hugged her father one last time "I love you Dah."

"I love you too Tixxy"

Tixxy left her father, and stepped out the door with Barca, ready to see the world beyond her hometown, the only town she'd known. Turning to Barca, trying to avoid asking about what her father had said to her, "Where to now?"

"Varrock, I have business that needs taken care of."
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Agile Darth
Desert Strykewyrm

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tixxy Savage Chapter 1   Sat Sep 01, 2012 11:14 am

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tixxy Savage Chapter 1   Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:09 pm

next chapter tixxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and by the way were you planning on incorporating more nesties into the mix? Because making this based on actual people would be amazing ( well you're already doing that in small scale). By the way you should submit this into one of those contests that jagex has it's really good and you're a really good writer Razz. Can't wait to see what tureal meant by "group of friends" and the business barca has to take care of. And i believe tixxy's mom is kuradel? lol sorry if anyone didn't catch that and if it is her mom sorry for the spoiler Razz
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Agile Darth
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tixxy Savage Chapter 1   Thu Oct 10, 2013 1:22 pm

I must know how this ends
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Tixxy Savage Chapter 1   

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The Adventures of Tixxy Savage Chapter 1
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