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 Important, please read

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Brine Rat

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PostSubject: Important, please read   Tue May 15, 2012 3:10 am

Hello, I've been with the nest for quite some time now, people know me, I know them. Anywho, as some of you know, I was hacked, and well I was able to recover my account with 20 hours left. I know who did it to me.

Let's give a background story on this.

I had a friend living with me for 9 months, he was my best friend who got kicked out of his parents house. He was a man of his word. I really really trusted the guy, and I was with a side clan with him that did f2p wars. I got a job and had to work, I their warlord so they needed me, so I let my friend use my account to be there. He was very trustworthy. Months whet by, he got a job and then got fired from it. My parents were getting abit anal about the money, because well, he was a big guy to look after. He knew the day was coming where my parents were gonna throw him out, my dad confronted him giving him 2 weeks to find a full time job, or for him to go back and live with his parents. (by the way, left out the part where he trusts me, I knew his info at the time, his msn and everything). He knew I was working 3 days in a row, so he struck, stole my cashpile and trained prayer as fast as he could. After a long day of work, I came home, was gonna go to bed, but wanted to update the GE. I logged onto my account, put in my pin, only to find my entire cash pile gone. All the items were there, but the 120m I had, was missing. I was confused the fact that my password was the same, and my pin was untouched. I quickly logged onto his account, and noticed he had 12m, and about 40m in dragon bones. He wasn't good at getting money, I looked at his prayer level, bastard had 97 prayer. He was the only one that had my password and pin. I quickly contacted a friend, and transferred everything back to my account, still missing about 70m. He woke up and made a big stink that he got hacked. He said that a "friend" gave him it all. I couldn't trust that because while he was living with me, he told soo many lies, I just let them all slide, until that moment.

He disappeared one night, left a note to where to send his things. $100 was missing from my wallet (costs $100 for a cab to the airport from where I live) I checked his msn, his dad emailed him letting him know that they bought a ticket for him to come home.

Everything just stopped. I didn't talk to him for 4 months. He contacted me saying that he will pay my parents back, wanting to know if we could still be friends. I mistakenly said yes. I couldn't trust him, but he had the intentions to pay my parents back which I respected. I was sharing with him when he first contacted me that I only had 10m left and that I was building. We played around for abit and well I pm'd him saying that I bought my first santa not too long ago. That same night, I sold the santa because it was going down. Went to bed. When I awoke, my msn was hacked, and I couldn't get on my rs account. I quickly recovered my msn, appealed my rs account, it was declined. I quickly checked over my emails, found something that was deleted. An account recovery from his email address. I knew it was him because of that email. I went to appeal my account again, declined. I did this 5 times for it to be declined. That is when I reacted. I quickly tried to recover his msn, because I happened to remember that I helpped him set up his recovery questions. It worked. I got his msn. I quickly made work to get his runescape account (I was not taking this sitting down, not from him). 3 days went by, and I was at 15 appeals that were declined. I got pissed because well I worked really hard on my runescape account, and the fact that I didn't know what was happening, I snapped. I hacked his facebook, his skype, deleted his friends list, I went into a rage spyral, all because I couldn't get my account back. The next day, they finally appealed HIS account back. He changed everything. I had nothing. My 21st appeal, FINALLY worked. I got on my account with 20 hours to spare. I saved my account.

Yes, I hacked my friend, but only because he did it to me. I am not someone who sits back and takes it.

I just wanted to share my story, because he's been pming generals and other people to "watch out" because what I did to him.

He is just as bad as me, and I want everyone to know, that I am NOT a hacker. I AM a good person. I had my facts that he was the one who did this to me.

So if you get a pm from "Lostmyname" or "MnM s" Please ignore it. He is trying to start drama.


My account now is fully secure, new email and I only let my closest friends know it. I doubt I will be hacked from him ever again.
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Dark Beast

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PostSubject: Re: Important, please read   Tue May 15, 2012 6:48 am

While I do not agree with your retaliatory actions I completely understand why you chose to do them. Regardless, thank you for the heads-up about the potential pm's.

So where you do stand now? Where will you go from here, will you continue playing?
Also I recommend you let nobody know your account info; even your closest friends. I too have personal experience from this.



Villi and the Voice - a scrollventure.
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Brine Rat

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Join date : 2009-10-20
Location : Angus

PostSubject: Re: Important, please read   Tue May 15, 2012 7:49 am

I am still playing, and NO ONE know's anything anymore. I won't be letting anyone ever on my account again, and like I said, I will be keeping it nice and secure
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PostSubject: Re: Important, please read   

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Important, please read
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